Death Dreams

by Daybreak

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fathead dog I can't quite figure out what makes this release so unique. The drums are very syncopated, unexpected beats, guitars range in different tones, bass has that deep tone, and the vocals have a broad range. Example: one song unexpectedly had clean vox come out of nowhere, didn't ruin the song, but definitely added contrast. Favorite track: Lost Sentience.
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released July 28, 2017



all rights reserved


Daybreak Perth, Australia

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Track Name: Lost Sentience
Sit back. My Death, My Ache.
Embrace the underworld.

Ruled by fucked up priorities. A cloud in your head.
Not a single chance wasted. Ignoring all help.

Your blindness, my plea.
Just listen to me
but don’t erase me cause you cant see what I fucking see.

We end up as decaying bones in the ground
so I will live for myself.
So when I’m told to stay away or it will fuck with my head
your false guidance aligns which triggers my hostility.

There's no more time for you to waste on my malevolence.
I will not falsify myself for worthless invocation.

I never realised what its like to feel a mental pain
but its the only thing that makes me feel at peace again.

Not sleeping at night. A drug thats to strong to fight.
I need to find a way to stop before I lose my mind.

Another night of anguish. Another memory lost.
Divided by two worlds, yours and my own.

I would rather take my life than serve this world.
There is nothing that will tie my soul to the earth.

So when your eyes are pierced by the morning sun light
don’t just tell me it will be fine.

Explain how you feel.
Is reality faded?
Did you kill your demons or is your mind jaded?
Track Name: They Don't Know The Real You
Can you see the hate you made me feel?
I feel it glowing through my eyes.

I am the scum of the earth.
Destined to fail from birth.
It was imprinted it into my head.

Ill cut this chain off and rip your fucking head off.
Too many times you have turned us away.

My dead eyes were weakened from lack of sleep, staring blankly at the wall.
Where were you? I needed you.
Left to vent to my friends what I’ve been through.
I was fathered by myself.

So don’t tell me what I fucking cant do.
I don’t want to fucking know you.
You left your kids to fend for themselves.
I hope you die alone you fucking piece of shit.


You know who you are - this is a message to you.
I’ll expose every fucking thing you put your family through.

No father of mine.
I will put you away.
Fucked my life from the start
because you didn’t want to stay.

But I moved on and lived the life that I built for myself.
I don’t need you motherfucker.
Now who’s the outcast?

You let go of your family.
You were supposed to be here to the end.

Don’t Serve the world.
Just sell me your soul.
Just follow the others and always do what you’re told.

I’ve got a mind full of guilt from the youth that you stole
and now I won’t fucking fit into the shape that you mould.

Into the shape that you moulded.
I stood alone.
Staring life in the eyes.

Psycho mother fucker.
Cut your head off.
Cry with Laughter.

You can mislead a few but they don’t know the real you.
A twisted psychopath.
Track Name: The Possessor
I think it’s time to stop looking at yourself.
It’s time to judge the life we all live in.

Possession of the mind - consumption of mankind.

No smiles, just fear.
Incision from ear to ear.

Black eyes, black Heart.
Ripping lives apart.
There’s a lunatic in all of us.
Now my sanity is tearing at the seams.

I am always fucking there in the back of your mind.
To fill that empty void.
Keeping you from insanity.

I am the vice that holds you down.
I am the one that keeps you from your fears.
The creator.
The possessor.

I pull the strings that control you.
I am the force that plagues you.
The creator.
The possessor.

I crave the sound.
To swing the axe back.
To hear the bones crack.

I love the sound.
To swing the axe back.
To hear the bones crack.

I can’t defeat what I cannot see.
Drag me back to this vessel for eternity.

This isn’t me.
It’s taking over.

My sinister mind over-powered my will to survive.
Now I’m out of time.
Track Name: Death Dreams
Persuaded to stay again.
All I feel is the same old ache in my head.
Unaware of the confusion, the delusion.
Neck tie, a thin line.
I get up on the chair next to my bed side.
Do I fear death? It won’t stop.
I can feel it calling me under my breath.

You fed off my pity, my pity ran out.
I searched through my mind, in my mind was no doubt.
Through my youth like a cavity that I wish to black out.
I was living a life I was never about.

I know I promised but this has to be said.
This bitch has got me feeling so damn brain dead.
A slit across her throat will bring peace in my head.
14 months, too long I had to pretend.

Misery and lack of sleep drives me to insanity.

Trapped in my head again.
Back sinking in the deep end.
A place for people just like me.
Hidden from where your eyes cant see.

Redirected my attention. I made myself into a better person.
Rebuilt bridges I once destroyed now I’ll try and mend them.
Got rid of all the tension.
Spoke all the words I never got to mention.

This is my final plea.
This is my destiny.
Take…death let me take her life.
Track Name: Loose Ends
Slither through your life.
Kill the ones by your side.
You're the only fucking leach.
Mistake your ego for pride.
It’s not your name that suffers
it’s the ones you leave behind.

You’re not the light in the dark.
Just a little bitch that’s hid behind a mask.

I can see now you’re only in this life to please yourself (hid behind a mask).
You got up just to learn you need to sit the fuck down.

You chose to walk the path alone.
I told you, “I’ll be fine all on my own”.
I’ll do this on my own.

I tried to help wanting nothing in return.
Narrow minded people will never learn.

Wake up mother fuck you’re a disgrace.
You would never say the shit you said, to my face.
I feel no guilt.
You gave up on the friendship that we both built.

You chose to walk the path alone.
I told you, I’ll be fine all on my own.
I’ll do this on my own.

I gave in to the voices inside of my head.
They controlled me and they wanted you dead.
No one else would suffer if you weren’t here.
I found nothing to help me rid this world of fear.

Tried to numb the pain from your desperate attacks.
Someone help me. Please save me.
I have realised now that you aren’t what I need.
You gave me a reason to set myself free.

I see my reflection thinking what the fuck have I done?
I set myself free.
Am I an anomaly.
Track Name: Repulse
Violence controlling all that I am.

Do it, go.

You don’t belong here.
Demand what you don’t deserve.
No one owes you shit.

I filled my body with hate.
No one knew that I meant it.
You die alone in the end.
Some people just can’t accept it.

Dead bodies hanging from the ceiling.
It’s a statement that your life has no meaning.
We all want you dead.
You can cry for help but nobody cares.

Im not a lunatic, just a fucking realist.
Strung up by their feet, gutted like a fucking pig.
I would bury them if they were worth it.
Instead I’ll torch their corpse and kill some more to do it all again.

Annihilation of the swine. Global genocide.
Psychotic state of mind. Malice amplified.
Pessimistic way of life. Destined sacrifice.
Dirty fucking creatures die. Infections, parasites.

I can see that you’re scared and afraid by the colours in your eyes.
Forced to live in a world thats consumed and decayed by the filth you left behind.

Ignore the warning signs.
Presence within my mind.
An addiction for killing is crawling up my spine.

The violence takes over everything.

Track Name: Outcast
Content with life is just not what I am.
I tried to hide it but I'm still an outcast.